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Why I Fight | Syrene Rose

April 9, 2022 | Syrene Rose

Name: Syrene Rose

What is your passion in life?

I am passionate about a lot of things:  My Southie roots and lifelong friends, improving the quality of care at my hospital job, being a good mother to my kids James (24) and Lauren (20), and escaping life as often as possible for my two other loves – travel and live music, especially U2.  I am also passionate about living the best day every day, with time reserved for the simple things that bring me joy – an EBF session, a walk with a friend, and healthy meals.

What inspires you to stay in the fight?

I know that if you keep plugging at it, you will learn, get better, like it better, be better, look better, and feel better.  I am in the process of improving.  As I approached my 50th birthday, 7 years ago, I took my first steps in the right direction to get fit and healthy and made many small changes over many months and years.  I went from 40% body fat to under 20% now and close to 50 lbs lost.  I exceeded my own (limited) expectations about what I could achieve and that was an amazing thing to discover and experience.  My personal trainer was a huge inspiration and the EBF coaches and fighters continue to inspire me.  Pushing myself to box at a new gym was daunting.  The first cardio session (with Dave of all coaches) was scary and hard.  But you feel such a sense of accomplishment when you survive and then begin to thrive.  When life throws challenges at you, it’s nice to have the gym to help you get through it.  The familiarity of the people, process, and physical exertion are comforting, healing, and energizing.

Who do you fight for?

I fight for myself – because working out and being the best version of myself physically (being strong and feeling healthy) helps me be a better mother, daughter, sister, colleague, and friend.  You need to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can be of any help to others in your life.   Starting my day at EBF sets me right physically and mentally.  The energy, music, coaches, and fellow fighters are an incredible and special community for which I am so very grateful.


WHY I FIGHT: Syrene Rose 

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