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April 10, 2019 | Bridget Conlin

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Family Aid Boston and Jim’s fight against cancer. Together we raised $4,890! Great job, fight fam.


FamilyAid Boston empowers parents and caregivers facing homelessness to secure and sustain housing and build strong foundations for their children’s futures. FAB is the leading provider of solutions to family homelessness in Greater Boston. It’s compassionate, resourceful staff work in partnership with parents to develop realistic, effective solutions that build on their families’ individual strengths and address their unique challenges. The organization has helped thousands of families facing homelessness through a combination of time-tested and innovative solutions. FAB provides:Homelessness prevention for families at risk of losing their homes, Emergency shelter for families who become homeless, and Housing supports for families returning to housing after a period of homelessness. $0.92 of very dollar goes directly to program expenses and the mission to help families in need of short term housing and other vital support.


I had hoped to run the 2019 Boston Marathon as a comeback of my own after a tough year in 2018. As some of you may know, I have been battling cancer for the last two years – mostly quietly – with the support of my family and friends. Last year was especially challenging for me as i had two surgeries after chemotherapy and started immunotherapy in June.

In the face of that adversity I had hoped to come back from that tough year and wanted to run the 2019 Boston Marathon and work with Family Aid Boston: the charity that supported me in 2013 and that reminds me of how important family is to make it through life’s most difficult times. Without the support of my family and friends, my cancer journey would be much more difficult.

My dreams to run the Boston Marathon have been changed at the advice of my oncologist and medical team. Training for a marathon would be too taxing on my body while I continue my battle with cancer. I am finally running again after almost a year without it. Running, training and the friendships that have come from it are part of my fabric. But the toll the training would take would be too much for my body to take.

So I ask that you be a part of my revised 2019 Boston Marathon goal. I am again working with FAB to raise fund and awareness of families in need of shelter and support – as my family and friends have given me. I am going to be a sponsor, cheerleader, run organizer, and help FAB in any way I can. My friend and former co-worker at Capital One Emily Keenan is running the Marathon in my place and we will be fundraising as a team. It has been Emily’s dream to run the Boston Marathon so we can help make that come true too. Emily is an avid fitness enthusiast and accomplished runner having completed two prior marathons and is currently pursuing her MBA at Owen School of Business at Vanderbilt University. We will work together as a team to make the 2019 Boston Marathon special.

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