EverybodyFights Podcast Episode 2 | Anthony Rich - EverybodyFights
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EverybodyFights Podcast Episode 2 | Anthony Rich

EverybodyFights Podcast Episode 2 | Anthony Rich

January 8, 2019 | George Foreman III
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#2 Anthony Rich | Co-Founder, EverybodyFights – “How We Built Everybodyfights”

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About the Episode:

Anthony “AJ” Rich is the co-founder and President of EverybodyFights and has been best friends with George since they were kids. In this episode, George and AJ talk about how EverybodyFights started, what fighting means to AJ and what drives him every day to build a community of fighters while supporting his family.

About Anthony Rich:

Anthony “AJ” Rich has had a passion for boxing and business from a very young age. After starting his first business at the age of 19, Anthony has been a successful entrepreneur ever since with experience in fitness, hospitality, retail and real estate development while operating four different businesses from ideation to a successful exit. Anthony grew up an avid fan of boxing and even became a boxing trainer at age 20 while watching his best friend George Foreman III take on a professional boxing career. 

In 2013, Anthony Rich and George Foreman III decided to combine their successful background in boxing and business and co-founded a luxury boxing fitness gym called EverybodyFights, which now has locations in Boston, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Kentucky. 

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